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Silence is Compliance Inc. is a Canadian, Ottawa based fashion retail initiative developed and conceptualized in the summer of 2020. Through products and designs, Silence is Compliance Inc. is dedicated to raising awareness and supporting Black and POC communities through fashion and design.

The business and community building initiative was brought to life by Chantalia and Haigann Fevrier-President, sisters who grew up in Canada in a household with parents of Caribbean origins. "We aim to create awareness around injustice and systemic issues, focusing on the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in society."  A percentage  of each sale is donated to a local Canadian organization with a mission to support BIPOC communities by providing aid for individuals to excel physically, mentally, or creatively. "For us, the words 'Silence is Compliance' means always speaking up when you witness inequity."


To find out more about what organizations we are donating to this quarter click bellow. 



Justice Line

With each new design, we intend to tackle a new angle of this fight. Our first design directly addresses the dangers and urgency to fight against systematic racism. The events following George Floyd’s death was a direct inspiration for our first design and our organization as a whole. Our Justice Sweaters have a powerful message and with every purchase you join the fight against systemic issues.


The I Rule My Destiny, collection focuses on taking inspiration from the past while looking forward to the road ahead. With a collection of 5 pieces, the “I Rule My Destiny Collection” mixes modern street styles with 70s fashion inspired from the Black Panther Era and 70s Hip Hop. All the designs have messages to reflect on the past you and inspire your future. 

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We will continue to put out new designs that address a new side of this fight.

We will continue to uplift all those who are doing great things for their community.

We will continue to condemn injustice against all. 




Canada Ottawa, ON