Community Perspectives Piece "Boys Will Be Boys," by LIZ ARIHO

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Featured as this weeks Community Perspective Liz Ariho. She shares with us her photography series entitles "Boys Will Be Boys"

Boys WIll Be Boys was a collaborative project aimed at challenging the construct of masculinity not only in society as a whole but specifically in the black community. Through these photos we were able to expose a more care-free and joyful candid of our subjects as well as push the idea that being a man should not be a limiting identity. It is not a secret that the portrayal of black men that the media perpetuates is extremely harmful and false so, it was therapeutic to present our black boys through the benevolent eyes of the black woman. To us, they are our sons, brothers, lovers, counterparts. Just as we are all interconnected through our tribulations and suffering, we all have a responsibility to uplift and protect one another.

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