Kayla Straker-Trotman- Ottawa Based Photographer Capturing Moments Through Her Lens


Kayla was our fist community business feature back when SIC had just introduced the segment in July, 2020. Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic she was unable to provide us with the images she was working on at that time, until now. Enjoy the vibrant shots that exude positive energy of light and love. We encourage you to take the time to read about her bellow and consider Kayla as your photographer for your next major event!

Kayla's Recent Work

Read All About KAYLA

I'm Kayla Straker-Trotman and I love to capture unique moments that you don't expect to have. Those photos usually end up being your favourite. All-in-all a light experience for all of us.

I am Canadian, French, Bajan (and more) Artist that creates art through my lens. I specialize in storytelling with an airy edge.

I am located in Ottawa, Ontario, but travel.

I don't retouch as much (only if you want acne or a scar removed) and showcase the authentic you. My editing style shows you in a more colourful pastel light.

Let's create art! #saintkaylaphotography


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