Mmmm I Smell Jolaf Rice! Vittles, Authentic Nigerian Food

As huge fans of Nigerian food, we are so excited and honored to highlight @_vittles for Silence is Compliance’s business feature!

“ Vittles provides the most authentic and highest quality Nigerian food across Canada. Vittles cookhouse was foundedon the 13th of June 2016by 3 Nigerian students- Bola, Chidinma and Cindy. The founders who migrated from West Africa to Canada for post secondary education at York University had a strong passion for food and food creativity. They then decided to incorporate their African roots with their newly adopted Canadian culture.

Vittles cookhouse originally took root as a food blog on Instagram. Through hard work, diligence, commitment and creativity, Vittles cookhouse quickly diverged into the catering sector.”

Further more, at Silence is Compliance we would like to continue to highlight the continuos fight for rights occurring right now in Nigeria with the #ENDSARS movement and beyond.

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